Chest Exercises

Pound Your Pecs with This Chest Workout

Increase your bench press strength while adding size to your pecs.


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The key to gaining size and strength for any muscle group (not just chest) is to lift heavier weights as you go. But there’s no need to increase poundage substantially overnight; a gradual progression is your best bet to avoid overtraining and plateaus. In this routine, start your first working set of bench and incline presses with five pounds more than you did the previous week. This will keep your strength levels and muscles growing steadily. 

Bench Press

Tuck your elbows in toward your sides as you lower the bar. This will decrease shoulder rotation and take stress off the shoulder joints, decreasing the chance of a pec tear and also allowing you to lift more weight by improving your leverage.  

Barbell Incline Press

Use an adjustable bench with a 15-30-degree incline (unless a 45-degree bench is all you have access to) – this will hit the upper chest best. Steeper angles focus too much on the anterior delts. 


Put your head down and lean forward to emphasize the chest. Keeping your head up and staying upright will focus more on your triceps. Be sure to get a good stretch at the bottom and lockout out fully at the top. 

Incline Dumbbell Flye

Strive for a deep stretch at the bottom of the movement to make room for new growth by keeping your elbows out and descending slowly. This is the one exercise in this routine where it isn't necessary (or desirable) to go heavy.

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