Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Rehab 101

Use these techniques to maintain and restore shoulder health, function and stability.


Ultimate 2-Minute Shoulder Warm-up

The video below demonstrates a two minute shoulder warm-up that can be done:

- prior to upper body training session
- prior to lower body training session
- after workout for maintenance, activation, rehab, preventative or re-stabilization efforts

Sequence of moves: Watch the video to see how it's done.
1) DB Retractions
2) YTWL - Y
3) YTWL - T
4) YTWL - W
5) YTWL - L
6) YTWL - L + External Rotations
7) Scarecrows
8) Skiers
9) Posterior Flyes

Jim Smith is a highly respected, world-renowned strength and conditioning coach. A member of the Fitness Advisory Board, Jim has been called one of the most "innovative strength coaches" in the fitness industry. Training athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors, Jim has dedicated himself to helping them reach "beyond their potential." He is also the owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning in Elmira, NY.