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3 Instant Fitness Fixes

Here are three things you can do now that will make you feel better instantly.

3 Instant Fitness Fixes

You've fallen and you can't get up, huh? Train is off the tracks? You have tumbled off of the proverbial fitness wagon, haven't you? Or maybe you're just in a rut, bored, lacking fire, slacking on your fitness training and nutrition and you need a little lift. Despite my fervent protestations, it happens. It's not difficult to submarine your program, but don't do it, you'll regret it.

Are you waiting for motivation to strike like lightning from the heavens? It won't. You've lost your momentum, and you need a push. You're not even training three days a week. You've buried your head in the sand and you're not going to budge. 

It's a mistake. You need to do something, FAST.

We are a nation of people who demand instant gratification. We want to harness the Power of Now and all of that New Agey-Metaphysical stuff that makes perfect sense, but seems impossible to actually put into practice with any consistency. Fine. You want the now? Here you go. Here are three things that you can do right now, today, that will benefit you and make you feel better instantly: