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Rock Hard Abs in 3 Moves

These 3 exercises target all areas of your midsection with precision and efficiency.

By Eric Velazquez

Possessing a pretty impressive set of abs himself, Brian Peeler knows what it takes to get one. As an NASM-certified personal trainer, Peeler doesn't burden his clients with endless circuits of fancy ab exercises. Rock-solid, six-pack abs, while still mainly a byproduct of a great diet, can be had in only three moves.

The upper abs are targeted by way of the cable crunch—a resistance-laden move that provides a new challenge for stubborn abdominals. Peeler then has clients move into the hanging leg raise, which is more on the side of advanced, but can help to zero in on lower abs, a problem area for most gym rats. Finally, Swiss ball side crunches provide a way for his clients to introduce a bit of instability to target not only their obliques but their entire core musculature.

Use his trifecta once or twice per week to start building deeply-etched abdominals.

3 Exercise Ab Routine

Region          Exercise                            Sets/Reps
Upper Abs     Cable Crunch                      3/25
Lower Abs     Hanging Leg Raise            3/30
Obliques        Swiss Ball Side Crunch     3/15-20

Perform this workout in circuit fashion, doing one set of each exercise listed in succession before resting one minute and repeating it twice more. If you choose to perform the routine in straight sets, simply alternate the order of exercises from workout to workout.

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