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Workout Routines

Workout Tips & Routines

If you want to bench more, you'll need to know how to program your training. Here's your introduction.
Train multiple muscle fiber types for a searing burn in a single, high-efficiency workout.
Blast your muscles into growth mode with slow eccentrics and high volume.
These explosive moves can help you build stronger, denser muscle, capable of doing more work.
Give this bodypart the individual attention it deserves to make a strong impression.
Build a lean, shredded physique in no time with these five beach body workouts.
When it comes to notching your first muscle-up, proper form trumps all.
Strengthen and define your core with these little-known ab exercises.
Increase your gains with this weightlifting routine designed to pack on more muscle.
Accelerate your gains in less time with this heavy, full-body training plan.