Workout Routines

The No-Weights Couples Workout

Pack some manual resistance training into your travel bag with nothing but a fitness buddy.


For anyone traveling with a significant other on a weekend getaway, there's always time for a little exercise. No fitness center where you're staying? No gym for miles? No problem. Grab a partner, find some open space and create your own living, breathing weight room. Here are three exercises to do right there in your hotel room, gratuity included.

Pull & Release Seated Row

Targets: Back, biceps

Equipment: A partner and a beach towel

Sets: 2-3


Reps: 15-20

How To: Sit facing your partner with the bottoms of your feet touching, knees slightly bent. Keep your back straight, maintaining good posture throughout the move. Each of you will grasp one end of the towel. Like a choreographed tug o' war, one of you executes the pull as the other slowly releases using a three-count. Pull the towel into your midsection, then squeeze your lats hard as your partner begins to pull in the opposite direction. Switch directions until you each perform the desired number of reps.