1 On 1 with Pro Wrestling Superstar Kurt Angle

The wrestling great shares his perspective on training, diet and longevity.

1 On 1 with Pro Wrestling Superstar Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has established worldwide recognition as a professional wrestler, actor and spokesperson since winning the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics. Known as one of the world’s toughest combat competitors, Kurt has more than 32 years of experience on the mat, and in the ring, and is still considered to be one of the world’s greatest amateur and professional wrestlers of all time.

Recently, we caught up with Kurt in London where he was promoting his upcoming TNA matches in the UK.

M&F: You still have a number of years left in pro wrestling terms, but there is no getting around the fact that as we get older, our metabolism slows down. Is this something you have learned to adapt to?

Kurt Angle: I have learned that, and a couple of years ago I put on extra weight. Some of that was to do with cleaning my life up, and some of it was because I'm 46 years old. I never really dieted when I was younger and I wish I had because eating right is good for your overall health. I didn't think about longevity before, but now I do. My wife will joke with me, she'll say "are you ever going to cheat on your diet", because now I'm pretty strict. I try to make the best choices even when I'm on the road. I'm in great shape right now but it takes a lot of hard work.

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Have you changed your approach to training over the years?

KA: These days I try not to do a lot of high impact workouts although I do run, and I believe that running helps with burning fat and keeps my knees strong. I run approximately three miles every other day. I still do weight training but the most impact I do is probably when I am jumping rope. I focus on each body part, and I like resistance training with bands. I love to swim, and do sprints in the pool. It's low impact, you don't get sore, and it's great for you.                                                                    

You have wrestled many of the greats, but is there anyone else out there that you would like to have a match with?

KA: Somebody I would love to wrestle is Daniel Bryan, before I retire. I remember years ago wanting to get in the ring with Shawn Michaels and we had some stellar matches. Now I'm looking at Daniel Bryan and I'm thinking I really want to wrestle him. I know he has had health issues but I believe he'll be back. I've had my eye on Cesaro too. Pound-for-pound I have never seen anyone that strong.

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