Arnold Schwarzenegger can add another metaphor to his book of quotes, thanks to current California Governor, Jerry Brown. In yesterday’s Time interview, The Oak was extremely pleased to hear that the current Cali governor hit the fast-forward button on reducing green house gases — bringing out his inner weightlifter.

What Arnold had to say about it: “In the gym, if your goal is to bench press 500 pounds, you set the goal, and then you push toward it. You recognize you will fail along the way, but you keep adding weight to the bar until you reach your goal. At the begining, the 500 pounds seems impossible, but as you reach milestones — 250, 300, 400 pounds — you change your own definition of what is possible. Each benchmark brings you closer to your goal.”  

Arnold Schwarzenegger arms workout

In Case You Missed It

The weightlifter gone actor gone politician is also a comedian. In last night’s “The Late Late Show,” Corden joined Arnold to reinact some of his iconic roles: “Conan the Barbaian,” “The Terminator,” “Terminator 2,” “Predator,” “Kindergarten Cop,” “True Lies,” and “Batman and Robin.” If you missed last night’s episode, be sure to catch Arnold poking fun at himself — you’ll be laughing with him.