Legendary bodybuilder, actor, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to social media. He posts everything from workout videos and health updates to his commentary in the political sphere. But lately, he’s become increasingly passionate about one thing in particular: Gerrymandering. If that term means nothing to you, this Washington Post article does a solid job of explaining what it is. 

Schwarzenegger’s social feeds have had no shortage of anti-Gerrymandering posts. Hell, he even set the internet ablaze when he memed the issue.



As part of his self-proclaimed “crusade to terminate Gerrymandering,” Schwarzenegger is giving away a trip to Budapest to meet him on the set of Terminator. All fans need to do is donate to the campaign (crowdpac.com/arnold) to enter the giveaway.

In a pumped-up workout post, Schwarzenegger reminded followers that the deadline to donate is Monday, Oct. 8.



It looks like the Austrian Oak is hitting the gym as hard as ever at 71—an impressive display of dedication considering he had heart surgery just months ago.

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