You know it’s time for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor fight to happen already when the latest news surrounding the fight involves a social challenge called the “McGregor Challenge”.

All of the hoopla started last Friday when McGregor’s open workout was held, and he decided to bust out this rather unique, rubber-armed pre-workout move.

Yesterday, WBC and WBO junior welterweight champion Terence Crawford threw his hat into the circus when he posted the clip below of him and a few buddies doing their best rendition of McGregor’s unorthodox training.

This silly little video inspired a bit of buzz on Instagram, and, as of Tuesday morning, had more than 300 posts. Here are a few examples of people stepping up to the plate and responding to the challenge.

That was all fun and games, but back to the real news at hand: The fight is closing in and the video of the alleged McGregor knockdown of Paulie Malignaggi has emerged, we know there will be an official hearing for lighter gloves, and we know Maywather is feeling a little pressured heading into the fight.

What we don’t know, however, is how any of this will make an actual impact on the fight—if it will at all.

Only time will tell, as we all wait for the showdown on August 26.