The last few weeks have been filled with speculation when it comes to what actually transpired at the Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi sparring session, and Dana White has just given us some insight in video form. 

He released these two clips—one in which McGregor landed a left hand from hell, and the other in which Malignaggi hits the ground from what could have been a punch, or a shove. Either way, we finally get to see some actual action in the ring. 

These clips are not so flattering for the outspoken boxer, and he went to Twitter to defend himself.

To Malignaggi’s point: Although McGregor appeared to dominate in the clips, there’s no way this is enough footage to form an educated opinion on who actually won the sparring session.

White releasing the videos could potentially be seen as him getting back at Malignaggi for his not-so-friendly comments toward McGregor, in addition to promoting the fight. 

This clip also made its rounds to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp—specifically his uncle, Jeff Mayweather. As expected, Mayweather used the opportunity to take shots at the UFC champ, and said, “Realistically, by showing that much of what Conor’s doing, they actually exposed what he’s capable of. It’s worse, because he’s fighting a Paulie that’s out of shape,” according to

What we do know as fact is that there will be a  Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing before the fight to change to 8-oz gloves, increasing the chances of a knockout. 

Only time will tell if any of this speculation harbors any truth—the official bout between Mayweather and McGregor is less than two weeks away.