Brian Shaw has been in the top tier of international strongmen for several years, and he clearly has no plans to slow down. 

Next up for Shaw is the World’s Strongest Man competition, where he will be facing stiff competition from Hafþór Björnsson. Below, he is training for the always-impressive vehicle pull, which involves the athlete pulling an array of vehicles by hand over a 100-foot course. 

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Shaw also decided to mix things up by adding a 200-lb kettle swing to his workout before he began to pull a full-sized SUV down the road without much difficulty. 

By the way, the guy can deadlift 960 pounds.

The 35-year-old’s last major victory was at the 2017 Arnold Strongman Classic in early March. The World’s Strongest Man competition is heading to Botswana, Africa, this year. The first round will take place between May 20-23, and the Grand Final will be May 27-28. 

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