Conor McGregor: ‘Disrespect and Disregard for My Skill Set’ Is ‘Motivating’ Against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"The Notorious" pushed back against criticism from the boxing community—and introduced his trash talk app to the world.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight
Ethan Miller / Getty

Conor McGregor is ready to fight.

The superstar UFC fighter pushed back against criticism of his style and skills from the boxing community, saying that the “disrespect” has been motivation for him as he trains for the August 26 bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"It’s like I’ve been discarded, and it’s like I’m not welcome here," McGregor said, according to MMA Junkie. "It’s certainly motivating, the disrespect and the disregard for my skill set. I look at people sometimes, and their mind is closed. They’ve got such a closed mind on how things can be done. It’s a set way and no other way."

McGregor’s recent sparring session against Paulie Malignaggi was released by Dana White, showing McGregor send the boxer to the canvas. McGregor spoke with reporters about the videos on social media of some boxers parodying his warmup, which has been dubbed the 'McGregor Challenge.'

“I’ve seen some videos,” McGregor said. “It is what it is. It’s light-hearted. I don’t take it personal. If anything I see stiffness in every single one of them. It’s like when we went across the waters to another land, or when we went into space. You’ve got to have an open mind and realize there are other ways, and there’s a time and a place for every single movement.”

The event is expected to break revenue records, and both fighters have been cashing in with endorsements and other business tie-ins. For his last big fight against Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather received $1 million from Hublot and FanDuel to be featured on his shorts, according to ESPN.

McGregor will be cashing in on endorsements, too, but he also has some other ways of bringing in cash: trash talking.

McGregor is one of the best (he makes this list of the 11 best trash-talkers in sports history) trash-talking athletes in sports, and he’s monetizing that now with his MacTalk App. The app is loaded with 27 different phrases, including “Dana, 60 G’s baby!” and “You’ll do nuttin'!”

McGregor takes on Mayweather in Las Vegas on August 26—and while he’s a major underdog, here are five strategies McGregor can use to keep things close.

The duo will be using 8-oz gloves in the match—could there be a knockout?

Everyone will find out very soon.

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