Everyone loves a great comeback story. Whether it’s an athlete coming out of retirement to win a championship, the underdog coming from behind to knock down Goliath, or someone returning from a major injury, sports offer all kinds of comeback stories. Not all athletes can finish their careers on top, but for the ones that do? They can become icons.

With the sports world enthralled by Michael Jordan and The Last Dance on ESPN, there’s even more appreciation out there for what some athletes have done when they’ve made a comeback. Jordan led his team to three straight championships after coming out of retirement the first time, while quarterback Peyton Manning finished his career with a Super Bowl title after coming back from a major neck injury.

Over the years, many other athletes have walked away from the game they love, only to return for one more run or a few more years of glory before finishing again. Some of those comebacks have been more successful than others.

Now, boxer Mike Tyson might get in on the action after stepping out of the ring years ago. Judging by his Instagram videos and his recent appearance at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing, Tyson has kept himself in pretty good shape, so it’s not crazy to think he could strap on his boxing gloves again some time soon.

With Tyson and Jordan making headlines, we thought it was a good time to look at some of the top comebacks out there.

Here’s a look at the best sports comebacks over the years.

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