Just because you don’t have a personal trainer certification doesn’t mean you can’t smell BS a mile away. This wasn’t the case for the producers of three local news programs. 

Pranksters Chop (Joe Pickett) and Steele (Nick Prueher) are actually hosts on thefoundfootagefestival.com, which is home to funny and unusual clips like the one above. 

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Their segment is based solely around working out with things in or around your house, which alone is a decent concept, but their execution was hilariously terrible. 

What pushes this video into classic territory are lines from Chop like, “You have to let life bounce off of you.” before he allows Steele to throw twigs at his bare back. 

That was funny, but nothing tips the scale more than when they started crushing Easter baskets at the 1:10 mark and the anchorwoman proclaims, “Nice!” as if she’s witnessed a feat of strength. 

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Moral of the story: Do your research, and if you’re looking for at-home workouts, check out Muscle & Fitness instead.