It looks like top golfer Phil Mickelson is moving fore-ward with a healthier lifestyle. The 2013 Open champion has never been known for his physique—hell, for many years he looked more like the Babe Ruth of golf than a Greek god. 

And while he’s still no Adonis, Mickelson is certainly looking much svelter these days. Just take a look at this beach photo uploaded by his sister, Tina. 

Mickelson didn’t seem to mind the shot, and even poked some fun at himself. “FYI, those weird bumps on the side of my stomach we’ve never seen before, Doc called them obliques and said it’s nothing to worry about.”

Well putt, Phil. His drive for a healthier body began a few weeks ago when he lost 15 pounds in 10 days, partially accomplished by a six-day fast with water and a special coffee blend, he said in a video posted to Twitter. Check out his upfront chat here:

Phil said he lost the weight to reset his body ahead of the 2019 Open Championship in Northern Ireland in July, which ultimately didn’t work out too well for him. But it’s clear he’s been spending his time since hitting the iron—weights, that is. 

Perhaps in an effort to stay on par with Mickelson, the world’s top golfer, Brooks Koepka, showed off his bod. Koepka will be featured in the next ESPN Body Issue, on newsstands Sept. 4, and he provided his lucky Instagram followers with a revealing sneak peek. 

Here he is in, almost, all his glory: 

Koepka is no stranger to showing off skin—after all, this is the same guy who had no problem sporting a thong while on vacation.

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