When training for a killer midsection, one muscle group exercise most guys forget in their program are oblique workouts. These long muscles, when well trained and when you body fat is low, frames your rectus abdominis (read: your six-pack) and gives your waist a more tapered look. They are the aesthetic finish that separate great midsections from average ones.

But how do you to train your body with oblique exercises? what are oblique exercises? If you said, “More side crunches,” you wouldn’t be completely wrong but there are better options out there.

Contrary to our collective, stale mindset about training your obliques, there are actually many exercises you can perform that will hit those side muscles and give you a better physique.

Here are seven of the top seven oblique exercises to add to your oblique workouts, based on overall effectiveness.

Fitness model working out his lower abs with a dumbbell doing a weighted crunch

30-Minute Dumbbell Abs Workout

Chisel your six-pack abs and obliques with this efficient circuit.

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