Powerlifter Evan Kardon was hoping for a big deadlift during his birthday workout, but his plans were thwarted by one angsty gym-goer who was not a fan of Kardon’s use of chalk.

The fellow gym patron was so bothered that he decided to silently prevent Kardon from deadlifting. According to the post’s caption, the unidentified protestor stood a few feet from Kardon for more than 10 minutes waiting for him to chalk up, then sat on the barbell for for more than 15 minutes waiting for the manager to come. He also watched Kardon take the plates off and clean the barbell after he was done.

Check out the video below:



In the comments, Kardon said the man also called him multiple expletives. When the manager showed up, he asked that Kardon stop using chalk (after all, the platform does have “no chalk” written on it), but Kardon also filed an incident report to address the other man’s reaction.

Lifters came out in droves to comment on the post, with powerhouses like Amanda Lawrence and Stefi Cohen backing Kardon up. Many commended Kardon’s calm demeanor during the lengthy incident. Of course, some speculated that the incident could’ve been staged in a bid to boost the vegan lifter’s following.

Whether it was legitimate or not, who do you feel was in the wrong?