American powerlifter Amanda Lawrence walked away from her first IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships a very happy camper. The 84-kg lifter clinched a big win over fellow American Daniella Melo, and set three world records along the way. 

The pair’s face-off was incredibly hyped ahead of the competition, and boy, did they deliver. Their combined efforts reset all of the world records (squat, bench press, deadlift, and total weight lifted). Their totals ended up being the same, but the deciding factor was Lawrence’s slightly lower body weight—emphasis on slightly. Lawrence weighed in at 83.05kg (183.1 pounds), while Melo weighed in at 83.55kg (184.2 pounds), according to the official scoresheet.



Aside from the overall win, Lawrence set a squat world record with 536 pounds, a deadlift world record with 556 pounds, and set the record for most weight lifted overall with 1,351 pounds.





For Melo’s part, she absolutely crushed it on the bench, setting a new world record with a 302-pound lift.



She also totaled an incredible 1,351 pounds, but again, Lawrence took the record by virtue of her lower weight.

Both women did a solid job of representing the USA at the international competition, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. It surely won’t be the last time they compete, and there’s no doubt they’ll keep it exciting as they strive for more wins and world records.