Ohio State Buckeye head football coach Urban Meyer will officially announce his retirement at a press conference today. Meyer, who won three National Championships as a head coach, will hand the reins over to offensive coordinator Ryan Day, according to a report on Yahoo! Sports. Meyer’s final game will be at the Rose Bowl against the Washington Huskies on New Year’s Day. 

Until Meyer reveals further details at his press conference, there’s no exact reason for him stepping down, although some have hinted at medical history as a possible reason. Whatever Meyer’s reason is—no matter how logical it may be—the internet won’t let him down easy, especially after he already “retired” twice before while with the Florida Gators (and conveniently found himself with a more prestigious university after a one-year hiatus.)  

Internet, do your worst: 


Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh also got burned in the process, because he hasn’t been able to beat rival Ohio State since becoming the head coach. 


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