Jason Momoa Throws Axes With Jimmy Kimmel

The 'Frontier' and 'Aquaman' star taught his hosts how to throw tomahawks with a beer in hand.

Jason Momoa, star of Netflix's Frontier, is known for being a tough guy on-screen, but it doesn't stop there. He makes and throws tomahawks in his spare time for fun, and he took his hobby onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Momoa supplied some axes to teach Kimmel and Guillermo how to throw them. Guinness in hand, he showed everyone how it's done and drove the audience wild.

This isn't the first time he went public with his axe-throwing antics. He's also shared it on his Instagram, which is full of beer and general badassery.

I love beer and throwing Hawks mahalo @jackaxesinc BOOM

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Catch Momoa starring in Aquaman, which hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

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