Mike O'Hearn Shows Fox Reporter a Thing or Two

The bodybuilder gives Fox 5's Duke Castiglione some tips for getting big.

Duke and MIke

Just stepping in a room with the behemoth Mike O'Hearn is enough to incite fear in most people. But Fox 5's Duke Castiglione is not like the others -- he was willing to go toe-to-toe with the 6'3, 240 lb speciman in the gym. Well, kind of.

In the video below, O'Hearn, a current member on the M&F advisory board and mainstay on American Gladiator, took Castiglione to the gym and revealed some coveted tips. Castiglione and the Fox 5 crew were ready for these insights as this wasn't the first time they've pumped some iron. Recently, both M&F's own Sean Hyson and New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford caught up with Castiglione and the crew to show them a thing or two. Now that he finished a circuit with O'Hearn, his third trip to the gym, Castiglione might just have all the tools he needs to switch professions!

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