M&F Training Director, Sean Hyson brought his training expertise to live TV this morning on Fox’s Good Day NY to share some great exercise and nutrition tips for getting in shape the easiest way possible, while also having some fun with the on-air talent.

In the first clip, Hyson demonstrates some simple moves that can be done virtually anywhere for a quick, no-frills workout that will burn up the calories and build lean muscle. Plus find out what type of meal our training director strongly recommends to get your protein, carbs and healthy fats all in one shot.

Sean Hyson’s No-Frills Workout Tips

In the second clip, it’s all about busting out the biceps of Fox cast members Mike Woods and Duke Castiglione. So who’s ‘guns’ are bigger? Hyson has the final word as the guys do some serious on-camera flexing.

Fox Cast Brings Out The Big Guns

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