Everyone enjoys a good workout partner—but most don’t have four legs. Swedish couple Oona and Antti, however, have no problem incorporating their furry friends into their exercises

The two regularly post videos of their workouts with their three goldendoodles—Fabbe, Nisse, and Pippi— on their Instagram, @fabulous_doodle

We’ll be honest: For the most part, the posts are pretty adorable. There’s plenty of clips of them smooching their dogs while doing dips, or shaking paws while planking.

Some, though, show the couple lunging with the pups in hand or squatting with them on their backs. Perhaps we’re being a bit too ruff, but this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Check out the workout routine here: 


Again, this may look cute, but we can’t really recommend that anyone try this at home. For one, there’s the dog’s health to worry about. Golden doodles are genetically susceptible to many knee and hip problems, and a fall would only exacerbate those issues.

Not only that, but you could get injured if the dog makes a sudden movement. We’re sure Oona and Antti know what they’re doing, but dogs are not iron plates, and they can easily jerk around during an exercise. One wrong move, and the dog can fall to the ground. 

There’s also the fact that a standard adult goldendoodle can weigh as much as 100 pounds—lightweight for most gym-goers, but still a considerable task on your back.

Oona and Antti acknowledge that not all dogs like to be lifted, but claim theirs love to be incorporated into the workouts and that it strengthens their bond as a family.

That may or may not be true, but in our opinions, this still isn’t something you should try at home. Man’s best friend, however, does make a great jogging partner—so feel free to bring your pup along during your next cardio session. 

While we can’t wholly endorse this workout regimen, we also can’t deny the cuteness of these dogs. If you want to see more, follow the couple on Instagram

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