You may not realize it, but everything we do—from getting up off the ground to climbing stairs to playing any sport—puts us in a lunge position of sorts. To truly make your body more efficient, you need to reinforce that movement. The only way to do that is to show the lunge some love by, well, lunging. A lot. Work in any of these lunge variations during your next training session, either as one-off moves for mobility work or as a circuit. You’ll improve your movement and add slabs of mass to your legs.

How to Do It

Use this collection of lunges as a warmup, a mid-training challenge, or as a way to finish off your workout. All these exercises will increase your range of motion and activate muscles that may have collected some dust over the years.

The Steps

  1. With each lunge, use your hands as “drivers” for each movement, bringing them forward, dumbbells or no dumbbells.
  2. Start off without using any weight to get a feel for the movement. As you gain confidence, you can add light dumbbells.
  3. When you descend into each lunge, your goal should be to touch your hands (or dumbbells) to the ground on each side of your lunge foot—if you can’t quite get to the ground, aim to get on either side of the ankle. If that’s too difficult, aim for the knee.
  4. For mobility: Do one set of five reps for each move. For hypertrophy: Perform the entire circuit two to three times through
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