The beauty of fitness programs is that very few are identical. Depending on a person’s goals, you’ll find basically everyone at your gym has different exercises, rep counts, set numbers, and strategies that they do day-in, day-out. Some will even have completely different gym methodologies—there are those that swear by tried-and-true weight routines, while others go for more flexibility and bodyweight work.

Over the years, we’ve tackled the full spectrum of fitness and gym routines, each with their own distinct advantages. While there’s never going to be one definitive “WORKOUT LIST TO END ALL WORKOUT LISTS,” there are more than enough essential exercises that anyone who gets in the gym should at least consider. These are moves that will get you strong, increase your endurance, grow your muscles, and whatever else it is you’re looking to achieve in and out of the gym.

We decided to cobble together 30 of these for our list of some essential exercises that could boost your gym routine.

So whether you’re a CrossFitter, a powerlifter, or bodybuilder, we guarantee you’ll find something in this list that will meet your needs. Odds are you’re probably doing most of them but scroll through to see if there are any missing in your repertoire — we’ll explain not only how to do them, but why you should as well.

We’ve also gone ahead and split them up into different sections, so if you’re looking to work on your core go to the bottom of the page and if you’re looking to get as wide as a chalkboard, your first stop will be right after this paragraph.