We all know that nothing screams ironic, low-budget satire like…Arnold Schwarzenegger? OK, maybe the Terminator isn’t the first person to jump to mind, but, backed by a couple of SNL all-stars, it looks like Schwarzenegger and company are primed to pull it off.

The first preview for Killing Gunther, which happens to be SNL alumnus Taran Killam’s directorial debut, has been released. The flick stars a bespectacled Schwarzenegger who plays Gunther, the most famed hitman of all time. Killam, flanked by fellow comedians including another SNL alum in Bobby Moynihan, is on a mission to take Gunther down and garner all the infamy. The only problem is it takes more than a few 150-lb funnymen to murder Arnold.

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It’s the means in which Arnold thwarts the cast’s attempts at murder that create the hilarity-rich action of the flick. In just the preview alone, we see Gunther snipe explosives on a yacht, set it ablaze, chase the guys away by expertly handling a bazooka, and wallop Killam with a refrigerator door. 

The tongue-in-cheek action satire is slated for release at some point later this year. Check out the movie’s first trailer below.