Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has carved out a niche as being the most physically imposing figure in pretty much all of his movies. But it seems that in one of his latest projects, Rampage, the genetically mutated flying wolf may give him a run for his money.

Rampage was a classic arcade game from the ’80s made by Midway—the same company behind games like NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat. The game enjoyed undeniable popularity, and now Johnson and New Line Cinema are looking to cash in on the nostalgia. 

A second preview was just unveiled for the unabashedly outrageous action movie. Not much context is necessary—it features “The Rock,” a massive gorilla, a crocodile, and the aforementioned flying wolf. For once, Johnson is playing the underdog role, but it took three CGI monsters to make that happen. 

Check out the insanity that is Rampage‘s second trailer below:

New Line Cinema’s Rampage, starring Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello, and Malin Akerman, lands in theaters on April 20.


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Somehow "The Rock" isn't the most physically intimidating character.

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