Washington Capitals winger Tom Wilson may have gotten more than he bargained for after fighting Minnesota Wild forward Chris Stewart on Tuesday night. Even the ice needed a major cleaning after this brawl.

Things started off when Wilson caught Minnesota Wild player Zach Parise with a brutal high stick, sending the forward to the ice and putting a target on his own back for the rest of the game:

Stewart decided to pick things up from there, challenging Wilson to a fight in an attempt to defend his teammate.

Despite getting knocked over by Wilson, Stewart actually had the upper hand, landing multiple punches to Wilson’s face and leaving him a bloody mess:

In usual tough-guy fashion, Wilson later returned to the game, but the lesson was learned:



While we don’t recommend getting involved in your own fisticuffs, if you find yourself in need of some self-defense we have some tips on how to knock a dude out (again, as a measure of defense). A more constructive use of your time and energy would be to boost your hockey strength.