WWE Pays Tribute to Connor the Crusher

Badass 8-year-old Connor the Crusher ended up being the true inspiration to the WWE stars he admired.

WWE Pays Tribute to Connor the Crusher

While the WWE guys are big tough dudes who throw each other around for our enjoyment, they also have both the ability to make a difference in the lives of their fans and be touched and inspired by them. Never was this more apparent than in how one young fan, Connor Michalek, inspired the stars he met. Connor battled brain cancer bravely before passing away last month.

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Connor met Daniel Bryan a couple of years back through the Make-a Wish Foundation and his feisty, fighting spirit ensured that the two hit it off. Connor was invited to Wrestlemania XXX and he was there to witness Bryan bag the biggest win of his career. Sadly, he died on April 25, at the age of eight, but not before inspiring everyone in the WWE and beyond. Thanks to the WWE for giving him and his father some very cherished memories.

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