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The Rock has been Pokemon’d in YouTube Video

Voiced by Dwayne Johnson, the animated Pokemon Go-inspired character, "Pokerock" does some serious trash-talkin'.


What does one do when a wild Pokerock appears from the tall grass? Use a pokeball, or will a greatball be required? The answer is it doesn't matter what the hell you use, because you can't catch Pokerock.

There's no question that the new app Pokemon Go has been taking the world by storm, and 'The Rock' wants in on the action. Recently, Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia's Seven Bucks Digital Studios YouTube Channel, released the video on their new YouTube page, featuring an animated Pokemon Go-inspired character, named Pokerock, voiced by Johnson himself.

In the video, 'The Rock' breaks through the pokeballs as if they're meaningless and fake, while he trash talks the trainers.

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A word to the wise: If you ever see Pokerock in the near future, approach with caution.