Abductor Machine


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    Select your desired weight and sit up tall on the machine’s seat with your back resting firmly on the back pad. Place your feet flat on the foot plates and rest the outside of your thighs against the inside of the thigh pads just above the knees, with your knees aligned directly over your ankles. Hold on to the handgrips.
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    Tighten your abs to anchor your hips and exhale as you press your knees against the pads to open your legs outward, contracting your hip and glute muscles as you move. When your legs are opened a comfortable distance apart — usually about hip-width — hold for two slow counts, then inhale and slowly bring your legs together. Avoid returning too quickly; pause just before your knees touch, the foot plates come together or the lowered weight touches the weight stack, then move immediately into the next rep until you’ve completed all reps.