The 10 Greatest Muscle-Crazy Cartoon Shows

We looked back on (and ranked) the buffest cartoon characters of all time.



Hey bodybuilders, remember when you were a kid on Saturday morning. When you weren’t, you know, being active, you were probably doing what most of us did -- watching cartoons. Fortunately the 80s and 90s were crammed with some of the most insanely ripped characters ever drawn. You might not have realized, but they probably sent out some subliminal weightlifting messages.

No. 10: Brock Samson: Venture Bros. (2004-Present)


photo courtesy of: YouTube/Adult Swim

The only active series on our list, not only is main character Brock Samson built like an Apache helicopter, but his accomplishments inspire true greatness. He went to State University on a football scholarship. He lost his virginity at age 14. And his undercover aliases include: “Walking Swedish Murder Machine”, “Super Kill-Guy”, and “Murderist Extraordinaire.” That said, his wheels seriously hurt his rank on our list -- never skip leg day!

No. 9: Johnny Bravo (1997-2004)


photo courtesy of: Cartoon Network/Youtube

He’s sort of the stereotypical meathead, right? But, he’s awesome. Always looking good. Always chasing babes. Never without a reason to flex his biceps. Johnny Bravo, we get you.

No. 8: G. I. Joe (1983-1986)


photo courtesy of: Hasbro

Gung Ho. Snake Eyes. Hawk. Flint. Duke. Sgt. Slaughter. It’s hard to pick out the most stacked Joe. Actually, no, it was probably Sgt. Slaughter. G.I. Joe was basically a military “best bod” competition, featuring men and women who worked out daily by smashing COBRA Troopers’ windpipes. That’s dedication to schedule.

No. 7: The Tick (1994-1996)


photo courtesy of: FOX/YouTube

This superhero send-up featured a titular hero who was as buff as he was absurd. Originally devised as a comic book, the cartoon was the middle step between the first iteration and the final, a live-action show starring Puddy from Seinfeld in a body suit with abs, pecs and obliques that clearly aren’t his. High-five.

6: X-Men (1992-1997)


photo courtesy of: FOX/YouTube

In addition to having the greatest theme song in the history of cartoons, the early 90s X-Men series left no mutant muscle behind. Even Cyclops – the X-Men’s resident nerdboy – was unfathomably ripped. Mutant powers must come with a membership to Gold’s.