Blair Redford's Gym Essentials

Here's the must-have equipment and gear in his fitness arsenal.

Blair Redford
FOX / Getty

Blair Redford stars as Thunderbird in The Gifted, the new Fox series that takes place in the greater Marvel universe, but in a world without X-Men.

Thunderbird—a super-strong, military-hardened Apache with dense, bullet-resistant muscle and heightened senses that make him an expert tracker—and his team discover two teenage mutants on the run and help them fight for survival in a society in which the government is rounding up mutants and putting them into detention centers.

To play Thunderbird, who's got an affinity for sleeveless shirts à la Wolverine, Redford had to get real-life jacked—a feat he tackled with good old fashioned hard work, and by taking fitness inspiration from none other than Hugh Jackman.

Here are the gym essentials that helped him hit his goals:

1. Kettlebells—They’re simple but versatile.

2. A backward hat or headband—Redford grew out his hair to match Thunderbird’s look in the comics, so he needs something to keep his flowing locks in check.

3. Wireless headphones—Tangled cords, barbells, and movement don’t mix well.

4. Conan the Barbarian soundtrack—Redford grew up watching the 1982 movie, which features a pumped Arnold Schwarzenegger. So he uses the soundtrack to get into the right headspace while working out.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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