Hillary Clinton Drinking Crisis: ‘Sober Her Up!’

Hillary Clinton Drinking Crisis: ‘Sober Her Up!’

Hillary Clinton has seen her election rocked by multiple health issues — and now leaked emails may back up The National ENQUIRER's bombshell exclusives on the candidate's drinking problem! New private missives by Campaign Chairman John Podestainclude an embarrassing email from Aug. 2015. Podesta wrote to staffer Jennifer Palmieri about Hillary making an afternoon call to aide Cheryl Mills, saying: "I think you should call her and sober her up some."

Another leaked email shows Hillary's team flagging an admission by New York Times reporter Amy Chozick about the candidate: "She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008, and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no." But these new embarrassments are just the latest tragic twists to Hillary's problems, as insiders told The ENQUIRER!

Top staffers reported to The ENQUIRER that they even began this year's presidential campaign by secretly planning a stint in rehab for Hillary! “The stress of her political career, the never-ending scandalsand her worsening health plunged her into a life-threatening booze hell,” said a source. “She turned to drink to drown her fears. Hillary tries to hide her problem, like she lies about so many things.”

"Hillary has been drinking heavily for years to forget her miserable marriage to serial cheater Bill," added a close friend. "She's also hit the bottle to cope with other stress, as well as the boredom of flying all over the world when she was Secretary of State."

Insiders added that any therapy quickly failed amid the pressures of the campaign — plus the effort of making a deal over an FBI probe into her e-mail scandal during her disastrous stint as Secretary of State!

Hillary has been involved in many unexplained falls, as well. She once collapsed in a State Department garage, and again while giving a speech in Buffalo, N.Y. She also was literally caught while stumbling into a flight in Yemen. Hillary also hit her head after a frightening fall in her Washington, D.C., mansion in 2012.

In a particularly disturbing twist, one Hillary insider told The ENQUIRER: "She has blackouts and wakes up wondering where she is and what she has done" — adding: “She’s not fit to be President!”