Tampa PBW Championships Prejudging Report and Photos

by Allan Donnelly

August 9, 2008


After the prejudging at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships on Saturday, Toney Freeman and Dennis James are neck and neck heading into tonight’s finals.

Freeman is getting closer and closer to regaining the form he displayed in early 2007, when he vaulted himself into the upper echelon of the professional ranks. James, meanwhile, took the stage at 240 pounds, his lightest since the 2003 Olympia, when he placed fourth. Who comes out on top in Tampa will be based on what the judges prefer, the hardness and conditioning of James or the shape and size of Freeman.

David Henry, the likely winner of the 202-Pound Class, looks to be a solid third after the prejudging. After that, it’s anybody’s guess who will round out the top five in a three-way race between Darrem Charles, Tarek Elsetouhi and Fouad Abiad.

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The deepest and most competitive 202-Pound Class to date, deeper even than the Under 210 at last year’s Europa. David Henry, Flex Lewis and Roc Shabazz are embroiled in a battle for top honors, with each bringing something to the table that the other is not. Henry oddly enough, is the least conditioned of the three but the thickest. The 24-year-old Lewis, making his professional debut, has the best lines and structure while Shabazz is at his all-time best in terms of conditioning.

For more on the 202-Pound Class from Bob Cicherillo, check the FLEX Forums.

It appears as if last year’s rookie sensation, Nicole Ball, will continue her recent string of successes. Ball won the light division at the Atlantic City Pro in her professional debut a year ago before placing 8th at the Olympia, and looks to be a lock for her second straight Olympia qualification. Debbie Bramwell, Wendy McCready, Kim Perez and Annie Rivieccio will battle it out for the top five and the other two Olympia qualifications.

Bob Weatherhill
Clarence Davis
Darrem Charles
Dennis James
Evgeny Mishin
Fouad Abaid
Gian Enrico Pica
Jerry Nicolls
Lyndon Belgrave
Marcos Chacon
Marcus Becht
Mark Dugdale
Paul Baker
Tarek Elsetouhi
Toney Freeman
Mens Comparisons

Anthony Finocchiaro
Carlos Majid Rabiei
Clifton Torres
Daron Lytle
David Henry
Frederic Sauvage
Guy Ducasse
James Flex Lewis
James Hampton
Jaroslav Horvath
Jeffrey Long
Jorge Alves
Ken Jones
Khalid Almohsinawi
Mike Valentino
Nathan Wonsley
Omar Borrelli
Pablo Arevalo
Paul Carrasco
Richard Tricky Jackson
Roc Shabazz
Roland Huff
Steve Namat
Vincent Liu
Vonne Francis
202 Comparisons

Annie Rivieccio

Aurelia Grozajova

Beverly DiRenzo

Carla Salotti

Claudia Partenza

Debbie Bramwell

Giusy Caputo

Irene Andersen

Jana Linke Sippl

Kim Perez

Klaudia Larson

Mary Ellen Jerumbo

Mercedes Bazemore

Myriam Bustamante

Nicole Ball

Nicole Pfuetzenreuter

Tonia Moore

Wendy McCready

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