Nationals champ Ed Nunn delays pro debut

December 23, 2008

by George DePirro


“My mind was saying yes, but my body was telling me no. I want to do the smart thing. A lot of guys turn pro, and they do their first show and don’t do too well. They lose that limelight and disappear.” Awaiting a pre-Christmas ice storm from his base in Anderson, Indiana, that’s 2008 Nationals super-heavyweight and overall winner Ed Nunn’s rationale for deciding to skip the 2008 Ironman Pro and delaying his impending professional debut.

“My pro debut is special to me, and I want to do well,” the 37-year-old Nunn said. “It’s a blessing to do what I do, an honor and a privilege. I don’t want to give it half, I want to do it 100 percent. It means that much to me.”

Nunn hopes the extended break will allow him to fill out his upper body and add some much-needed thickness before stepping on an IFBB stage. Recent history has shown Nunn is capable of packing on size in a short period of time. In the nine months between finishing fifth in the supers at the 2007 Nationals and winning the supers at the 2008 USAs in July, Nunn was able to add 17 pounds to his frame.

Nunn will focus on pro bodybuilding’s “second season” with his debut coming at one of the August shows in Tampa, Dallas or Houston. Then, he’ll likely contest the Atlantic City Pro and, if all goes well, the Mr. Olympia two weeks later. Nunn says, “I want to make it like I’m going for my pro card again. I’ll go in with a lot of determination and drive.”