Silvio Samuel speaks out on the 2009 Ironman Pro

By Eric Velazquez

January 21, 2009


Silvio Samuel, who netted a 7th place finish at the 2008 Olympia and placed fourth in last year’s Ironman, heads into this Saturday – the first major pro show of the year – as the clear-cut favorite. Here, Silvio waxes philosophical on his odds of living up to the hype, how many shows he plans on entering in ’09 and who could stand between him and the top spot at the Ironman.

On why he’s doing the Ironman:
“I’m a pro athlete. I have to compete. I had in mind that I had to make the first early show to qualify so I started training immediately after the Olympia.”

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On having enough time to make improvements:
“Professionals make the time. When you are preparing for a show, when you are training hard, this is the way you can improve. I don’t think I have any weak points. I am only working on size.”

On being better than he was at the ’08 Olympia:
“I am always better in every show, every time out. I don’t talk trash. When I say something I prove it.”

On how many shows he’ll do this year:
“This year, I am going to make some money. I am doing this show, then the Arnold, then the Australia, then I get myself ready for the Olympia.”

On Moe El Moussawi – who finished in third, one spot ahead of Silvio at the 2008 Ironman – as a possible threat:
“Moe has never – let me repeat – Moe has never and will never be a threat. He’s never beaten me. He was given a gift and we all know that. To be very blunt, I know very few people who are ahead of me in this game. I give respect to them. But the ones that have their Christmas gifts before Christmas comes, I can’t see them beating me in any show. When I beat Moe in 2007, I was fourth place and he was 14th and nobody raised a brow. But if anybody places ahead of Silvio, that is big news for everybody to start writing. So that is why I’m really pissed off. At this point, I don’t give a damn who’s there. So enough is enough.”

On what his fans can expect from him on Saturday:
“All of my fans around the world know that I will bring it. When I put my name into a show, I’m not going to just make a number – I’m going to make an impact.”

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