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Every guy is interested in building more muscle—better yet, building muscle while losing body fat. Of course, some will claim that those two goals are mutually exclusive, but that’s because they haven’t yet come upon the right combination of training, nutrition, and supplements to make it happen.


Breaking Down the Key Ingredients in MuscleTech Supplements


Nano Vapor

The ingredients in this pre-workout formula act synergistically to amp
you up, prevent muscle breakdown,
 turn up your fat-burning furnace, and maximize your muscle pump. They include caffeine, a proven stimulant and strength booster, and theanine, which keeps caffeine’s “buzz” controlled and enhances your mental focus. Nano Vapor also includes studied doses of L-citrulline malate, creatine, beta-alanine, betaine, and taurine.


Before and after every workout, you need a quality source of whey protein, like
 the 30 grams each scoop of Nitro-Tech provides. Amazingly, those 30 grams come with only one gram of carbs and two grams of fat, for lean muscle gains. This ratio means that it’s hard to get a whey that’s much purer than that. In addition, Nitro-Tech delivers three grams of creatine and one gram of taurine per scoop for maximum strength gains.


Aging is not the only thing that can zap your body’s testosterone production. Intense training day in and day out can also take its toll. Anotest maximizes your body’s ability to make testosterone and put it to use for muscle building. It includes D-aspartic acid to boost testosterone release, as well as glutamine and BCAAs, which are not only critical for muscle growth but can also keep cortisol levels low to further maximize testosterone production. The trace mineral boron is also included, which can help keep testosterone free in the blood for better absorption by muscle fibers.