Olympia Legend: Frank Zane

A three-time Mr. Olympia and cornerstone of bodybuilding’s “golden age,” Frank Zane still owns one of the most coveted physiques in history

Bodybuilding Legend Frank Zane

Pictures of you in your 60s reveal that you’re still ripped. If there were a bodybuilding show held today with all the surviving members of the Golden Age, where would you place?

FZ: I’d place myself by the aisle about eight rows back! I already made my mark.

What do you think of the current crop of top bodybuilders?

FZ: I think there’s too much obsession with size. I admire what it takes to get that kind of development, but I don’t like the look. Phil Heath has great proportion and symmetry, but there are a number of guys who have ugly bodies. One top competitor who recently won a show looks like a bullfrog ready to hop off the stage. He’s in great condition, but there’s no beauty in his physique.

What do you think your legacy is in the sport of bodybuilding?

FZ: I think I probably appeal more to the average person out of everybody who won a top title. I’m the leanest guy to win Mr. Olympia. I weighed 190 at the ’79 Olympia—my best year. I’d bet people would like to look more like me than these other guys, but it took me a long time.

Frank Zane's books are available at frankzane.com.

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