Stan Efferding Smashes Powerlifting World Record

May 17, 2011


The reigning Olympia World’s Strongest Bodybuilder just keeps getting stronger. IFBB Pro League athlete and competitive powerlifter Stan Efferding set a new raw (no lifting suit, no knee wraps) world record in the 275-pound weight class of 2,226 pounds total yesterday (Sunday, May 15) in a Southern Powerlifting Federation sanctioned meet at Mark Bell’s Supertraining gym in Sacramento, California. Efferding, 43, posted an 854-pound squat, 606-pound bench press and 766-pound deadlift to break Latvian Konstantin Konstantinov’s record of 2,171 pounds in the 275-pound weight class. “I’m a little sore today,” Efferding told FLEX this afternoon. “It feels like I was in a car accident.”