WATCH: This is What Happens When Carbs Go Too Far

Put those carb cravings in a headlock.

WATCH: This is What Happens When Carbs Go Too Far
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Sure, holiday meals are a great excuse for “bulking”– but even the most disciplined bodybuilder can fall victim to a carb-craving overload. You’re disciplined, you count your macronutrients with scientific precision – but that doesn’t mean you’re not walking around with sugar envy at every turn. Holiday cookies, pumpkin pies, dinner rolls, stuffing, giant mounds of mashed potatoes are trying their best seduce you… It’s enough to make you want to smash every spread in sight. You’re not alone – Quest has your back with the Beyond Cereal Protein Bar and made this video for anyone who’s ever been tortured by carbohydrates.

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