Hard Earned Abs

George Brown has been on a quest for perfect abs. Mission accomplished.


Ian Spanier


Hang from a pullup bar with your legs straight. Bend your knees and contract your abs to raise your legs up. Take your knees up as high as they can go, raising your pelvis at the top and squeezing your abs hard. Slowly lower back down under control.

Brown says: “A lot of people like to stick their legs all the way out, but I recommend keeping the knees bent. For me, when I pull up to my stomach I get a great squeeze this way. Drop your knees all the way down and get a complete stretch in the abs, and then pull your knees to your chest and hold it for one to two seconds on each rep. Elevate your pelvis at the top, too—try to take it up to the ceiling a little bit. The main thing is just to go slow.” 

Ian Spanier


Start in the same position as with scissor kicks—sitting sideways on a bench, leaned back, hands holding on for balance. With your feet only a few inches o the oor, contract your abs to pull your knees up toward your face. Squeeze the contraction at the top, then very slowly return to the start position.

Brown says: “When I stick my feet out on the V-sits, I kind of do a negative. I don’t just go in and out with the legs. I’m actually pulling my knees in, then kicking my feet out high and making it a negative, and then pulling my feet back in. When your feet are going back out, make sure you go slow.” 



Brown trains abs every other day throughout the o -season and pre-contest, working them after the larger body part in the routine. “I have no preference as to which days abs falls on,” says Brown. “It doesn’t matter at all. I just make sure to hit abs every two days, whether that falls on leg day, chest day, or even on my active rest day.”


Brown’s “active rest” day typically consists of at least one hour of steady-state cardio incorporating an activity that’s outside the gym. “I may walk a trail outdoors for an hour,” he says. “Something to keep me moving, but staying out of the gym.” 


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