Quick Workouts For Long-Term Gains

How to get great results from a 20 minute workout.

Quick Workouts For Long-Term Gains

Training with a limited time frame can be a very difficult thing to negotiate because we can’t get enough “damage” done in the gym. However, there are multiple ways to take the muscle apart in a shortened period. Here, I’ve created two examples of a hybrid Y3T workout. Both take just 15 to 20 minutes to complete.


  1. Maximizing time spent under tension to make the muscle work harder.
  2. Shortening rest intervals to keep heart rate elevated.
  3. Moderate- to high-rep ranges to drive blood to the muscles.
  4. Supersets to save time.
  5. Compound movements, as they lead to greater CNS stress, which results in increased muscle-fiber involvement and burns the most calories.
  6. Pushing working sets to failure to keep intensity levels high.


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