Winter Mass Part 1

The real deal on how to get big!



Say what? You don’t want me to train my abs? Yes, I did say that. Don’t worry though, in Part 2 of this program you will get to do a few exercises, but here is why you don’t need them now. While focusing on massing up, you don’t want to oversize your gut. With ab training, and then a little overeating, your gut thickness will truly show itself. And while your chest is getting freaky big, if your gut does, too, it will be hard to sport the V-shape on all four sides of your upper body. Both fat and water pool around the abs, and the combination of training and eating will simply turn your six-pack into a keg—it is part of that gravity thing (try hanging upside down for a while—watch your chest fill out). You want people to say, “Look how huge that guy is” not “Look at the size of that fat guy’s arms.” Trust me on this. Your abs will still get bigger and stronger with this mass program simply from your heavy squats and isolated lifts where you need to fire your core up to rip out the big reps.

To help with your overall mass, you will focus on your traps and shoulders for the first part of this program. I’m not suggesting that you need to go toe-to-toe with Markus Rühl, but we should steal a page or two out of his book, and muscle up. Thick shoulders enhance your drop and give you a lift that makes your gut your look smaller. You will hit some big chest, back, and quad exercises as well to round out your size. 


Essentially, the first part of this two-parter is designed around a few main body parts that utilize a hybrid strength-type training method that would fit the bulking-up description perfectly. Out of the box, you will lift heavy and take longer rests (like a strength program). As you get toward the end of your workout, you are encouraged to extend your set on the last few exercises to enhance your pump and also to target those last few straggling muscle fibers that were not hit and help to exhaust your strength reserves. In this first phase, you will rely primarily on big strength lifts that will enhance your overall appearance of hugeness. You will definitely hit some of the sculpting-type exercises, as one should never let his arms dangle freely in a medium T-shirt. But rather than work them to oblivion, making Synthol look like an over-the-counter drug, you will set your sights on crushing new PRs on multijoint pulls and pushes. The second phase will take your big bulk, lean it out just a little by focusing on a slightly faster pace and targeting the rest of those pretty-boy muscles. So don’t worry, it won’t be long before you can flaunt your physique in front of your gym’s mirrors. – 


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