One year old . . . and growing. Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, the first talk radio show devoted exclusively to the world of professional bodybuilding, has been broadcast via the internet for 12 months now, and its success portends even bigger things to come.

Every Monday at 8 p.m. eastern standard time, the one-hour program reaches listeners worldwide, as founder Dan Solomon and host Bob Cicherillo discuss the breaking news in bodybuilding and interview top stars from today, such as Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath, and legends of yesterday like six-time Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates and eight-time Mr. O Lee Haney. As Cutler succinctly puts it, the show is a great way “to get the latest news and various perspectives from around the sport.”

In addition to the live Monday broadcasts, the program is also available for “on-demand” replay and free Podcast subscription. “From day one, our objective has been to make the broadcasts conveniently available to listeners on all corners of the globe,” Solomon, who also executive produces the show, explains. “The audience statistics and the feedback have been overwhelming. We are grateful for the support we’ve received from fans who share our passion for the sport.”

The bodybuilding industry has taken notice as well. In its early stages, the program established a broadcast alliance with, the world’s number-one bodybuilding cyberstore. Since its inception, advertisers have included an impressive list of industry leaders, including a major title sponsorship with supplement giant MuscleTech. Upon finalizing the agreement with the radio show, MuscleTech’s Chief Marketing Officer, Vince Scalisi, said, “We are proud to support Pro Bodybuilding Weekly — fans deserve high-quality broadcast programming and that’s exactly what Dan Solomon and PBW is giving them.”

FLEX and MUSCLE & FITNESS magazines also support the show as a way to help spread the message of bodybuilding to the masses through an innovative medium. “Within a year, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly has established itself as a must-listen activity for any true fan,” said Peter McGough, who oversees both titles for AMI/Weider Publications. “The bodybuilding knowledge and passion of hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo drives the whole experience, as they know the questions to ask and the buttons to push.The program is now a Monday night fixture for anyone who loves the sport.”

For more information, visit the show’s streaming broadcast website,