Prepping for a bodybuilding competition is not an easy a process, but 23-year-old IFBB Pro Cydney Gillon has moved on to an even tougher challenge–she’s currently competing on this season of Survivor: Kaoh Rong set in Cambodia. During one of the CBS show’s intense challenges, the teams were tasked with digging through sand in the oppressive Cambodian heat. This resulted in Gillon and two other contestants Debbie Warner and Caleb Reynolds collapsing from heat exhaustion.

According to, “A medic then told host Jeff Probst that the show needed to get a helicopter to medically evacuate [other contestant] Caleb Reynolds and possibly Gillon. Fortunately for Gillon, the doctors decided she had recovered enough to stay in the game.” But her fellow contestant’s medical condition was more serious and he was air-lifted to medical help where he was treated and was doing better but eliminated from the show, according to

Gillon’s Survivor bio says that if she could bring anything on the island with her, it would be: “Branch chain amino acids/supplements. I need my vitamins so I hopefully won’t lose all my muscle!; a picture of my family and friends for motivation; and tweezers because my eyebrows can get crazy.”

Tune in to CBS at 8/7c  on Wednesdays to see what other insane tasks Gillon will try to overcome if she wants to walk away with the top spot and $1 million prize money. We’ll be rooting you!

Check out Gillon’s YouTube Survivor video here.