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WWE Divas Star Nikki Bella To Have Neck Surgery

The former Hers cover model's surgery may be career-ending.


Former Muscle & Fitness Hers cover model and WWE Total Divas star, Nikki Bella, is set to undergo surgery today, telling E! News, "I have basically a broken neck, a pretty bad herniated disk. What makes mind a little bit difficult than most people is that I have some disk behind my vertebrae so with a lot of prayers we're gona pray that the doctors can get the piece behind my vertebrai with just a bone fusion."

The bone fusion is said to take at least two hours and Bella has been in positive spirits, "I have honestly one of the most amazing doctors." Bella has been experiencing pain in her neck since July 2015 and got an MRI this October. She says, "Right when we saw that we knew OK no more ring work. So it's been a wear and tear and what we do it's entertainment but there's a reason why we say, 'Don't try this at home.'"

Post-surgery, Bella's hospital stay should only be two days and she'll have to have her neck in a brace for up to three months with no traveling. She has to be extremely careful not to move her neck because the injury is at her C6 an C7.

With all that said, this surgery could possibly be career-ending. Bella explains, "We will only know that when I get out of surgery on Wednesday and then basically how the bone heals Wednesday. So that been tough but I truly have such hope that I will get to compete in that ring another day, I really do."

Bella's family and her long-time boyfriend, John Cena, have been a great support system. 

We wish her good luck with the surgery and a speedy, pain-free recovery!

This Wednesday I will undergo a neck surgery and know in time if this is a possible career ending injury. But I have faith. I know I will compete in that ring again. In life, we all have bumps in the road, it's how you overcome those bumps that makes you who you are. I am ready to conquer those bumps! I'm ready to test my will and strength! I'm ready to have the comeback of my life! I have had the most incredible year of my life!! My career was just starting to get to where I wanted it to be. I have worked so hard to improve over the past 3 years and I won't stop. When I walk down that ramp again you will hear me roar! My faith, my man, my family and my Bella Army are my support and love getting me through this! This isn't the end for me, it's just a beginning of a new chapter. I will continue to live by the words that are apart of me... Stay Fearless!! #fearlessnikki

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