After taking a break from the bodybuilding stage for about six years, Erin Stern (@2x_ms_olympia) is looking to make a comeback. The 2010 and 2012 Figure Olympia champion is now looking to leave her mark in the Bikini division (she’ll be looking to earn her pro card at the 2020 Chicago Pro on Oct. 16-17).

“The ideal [physique] that was awarded on the bikini stage looked like something I’d like to train for,” Stern said when she took over the Mr. Olympia’s Instagram account for a day.

The takeover was part of the Olympia’s home gym series, where IFBB pros show off their nutrition and workout tips, and share what they do throughout the day while the account’s in their hands.

Bikini competitors typically have less muscle mass than their figure counterparts, but that doesn’t mean Stern is taking it easy in the gym by any means.

When it came time for her to share her day with Olympia fans, it was leg day — which for Stern means a day filled with supersets (but not before filling up with a meal of two elk burgers and cream of buckwheat).

After warming up with monster walks, A-skips, high knee drills, and butt kicks, Stern does the following supersets:

  • RDL-Squat Hybrid superset with front squats
  • Landmine RDL superset with landmine sumo deadlift
  • B-stance RDL superset with B-stance glute bridge
  • Nordic curls superset with frog-stance hack squat
  • Seated leg curl superset with calf raises

The rest of Stern’s day was filled with post-workout poke bowls, and home renovations.

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