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Undercover Protein: 7 Ways to Sneak in Extra Grams

Try these tricks to meet your macros.

Undercover Protein: 7 Ways to Sneak in Extra Grams

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In the back of your mind each morning, that slow countdown begins: How much more protein must I eat today? Two or three shakes plus a few protein bars later… and you’re still left needing to devour a small child before bedtime (if you actually want to hit that 1.5g per body pound ratio). Good news: If you’re looking to squeeze in that extra 60-80g a day, here’s a list of seven unsuspecting, everyday foods that you can boost with protein powder. 

Double Down on Banana

Calm down, monkey, this shake isn’t actually made with two full bananas. No need to go carb crazy. The best way to bring out the banana taste in any of your smoothies--instead of cutting other ingredients or stuffing in extra fruit--is to swap out your current powder with a banana flavored one. Get all the banana flavor you’re craving without the extra carbs. The new one from Quest is delicious, made with real bananas, and still manages to keep the carbs low. Come on, branch out from chocolate. If you’re a chocolate addict, try dark chocolate almond milk as a base with the banana cream protein powder.

Caramel Oatmeal

Oatmeal on its own is an awesome breakfast… but why people taint it with maple syrup or brown sugar is beyond me. You’re already eating a literal bowl full of carbs. Yes, oatmeal tastes like the floor when served plain, which is why some people haphazardly suggest "adding-in some protein.” But let me tell you… one does not simply "add-in some protein.” The basic vanilla and chocolate flavors just don’t work as part of a morning ritual. Time to call in your new secret weapon: salted caramel protein powder

! This is like GameShark for oatmeal. It’s light enough of a flavor not to overpower, but still sweet enough to let you savor every bite. My morning bowl: a cup of instant oats with some nuts and dried berries, then sprinkled with a half-scoop of salted caramel protein powder. Breakfast is your new favorite meal of the day.

Protein Energy Drinks

Go with me here. I pretty much live on these. Take your favorite jet-sized 8oz energy drink and blend it up with ice and a scoop of multipurpose (unflavored) protein powder (2 scoops per taller 16oz cans). Energy drinks are always a bit sweet to begin with, so this tones them down while beefing them up! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but an unflavored powder has NO effect on the essence of the taste. If anything, you’ll enjoy it for a few sips longer than you would straight from the can. Some energy drinks give you wings… this one gives you guns. 

Peanut Butter Sludge 

Everyone loves the taste of peanut butter… the protein in it is just a nice bonus. But what about when you don’t want all those fats, or your PB jar is running empty? Ready to improve on perfection? Just before your PB jar serves its last sandwich, dump in 2 scoops of

peanut butter protein powder along with a bit of water and stir! Scoop and eat straight, or spread it across snacks. If you’re feeling bold… make a PBJ sludgewich!

Greek God Yogurt

Take your plain Greek yogurt to superhuman levels with a scoop of vanilla milkshake protein powder! Greek yogurt on its own has a fairly plain taste (because you’re never eating those fruity mini-cups loaded with sugar, right?), so a little kick of vanilla will help tantalize your taste buds and make the act of eating this ordinary, yet essential snack a whole new delight. And to be honest, it’s not even the double protein that gets me… but the texture is out of this world! I honestly can’t even explain the feeling. It’s like a eating a comfy fleece blanket, but you don’t choke and die. Plus you’ll end up with pecs that Jason would give up his own Golden Fleece for.

Hot Cocoa

Hard to screw this one up, as you’ve probably been making a variation of it your whole life already… just with the wrong ingredient! While everyone else is getting cozy by the fire, you take to the kitchen to brew up some warm winter cheer. When nobody’s looking, pull out your secret ingredient… no, not rum…

chocolate milkshake protein powder! Try THIS SIMPLE RECIPE and see if anyone can tell the difference. And they probably can... because it tastes better.

Strawberry Frosting Tube

Spread your sweetest desires on top of any meal, any place, at any time of the day. This is also the most portable trick for gains since the invention of the protein bar. Load up on the smallest sandwich bags you can find, add in 2 scoops of strawberries & cream protein powder, a few tablespoons of water, and massage into a thick frosting. It’s ready for immediate consumption or you can save for later. Open, scoop, and spread… or just chew the corner off and eat it straight from the bag like a 4-year-old at a birthday party.

CLICK HERE for more protein powder hacks like this clever frosting tube. Think you’ve got a recipe that could use an extra pump? Maybe you feel like going CPO (covert protein operative) for a while? Find plenty of tasty powders here and let your undercover escapades begin!